Chummie Premium Bedwetting, Enuresis, Alarm Treatment System

...No.1 doctor recommended bedwetting alarm clinically proven to stop bedwetting in children and deep sleepers in weeks; Award winning, FDA registered, CE safety certified with 1 year warranty


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Wake up on their own before they wet the bed

More pediatric urologists recommend Chummie over other bedwetting alarms. Chummie provides savings of over $1,000/year on diapers, laundry and prescription medication. The award winning alarm provides patented synchronized light-sound-vibration technology for maximum efficacy and treatment effectiveness to stop bedwetting in deep sleepers and children in weeks. The child-friendly, tamper-proof alarm unit is 40-Percent smaller than a credit card, weighs 1 oz. and can easily be programed by a 4-year old. A selectable switch can be easily set to choose from three customized alert settings: sound and vibration, sound only, or vibration and adjust alarm volume level. To avoid auditory accommodation when the alarm goes off, select from eight tones and control volume level. Use a different tone each night for a total of 32 alert combinations.

Chummie is the World's most advanced bedwetting treatment system. The microprocessor controlled alarm unit detects first sign of wetness and alerts your child. Patented "Enhanced Protection Plus" technology cuts electric current through the sensor to eliminate risk of skin rash caused by other bedwetting alarms. Patented "Active Guard Monitoring" checks and alerts parents of user error which delay treatment. The alarm unit provides two step turn-off to increases treatment success. Patented non-corrosive Intelliflex silicone sensor is thin and gently conform to body contours for maximum comfort. Sensor’s one drop detection technology results in instant urine detection for less mess and rapid treatment. No clips that poke sensitive areas and cause discomfort that can interfere with sleep. No toothbrushes to clean, simply rinse under tap water and pat dry for immediate reuse. Use it tonight kit contains: alarm unit, intelliflex sensor, snap-on clip, flexitapes, progress diary, achievement certificate, user manual, 2 AAA batteries, registration card.

Chummie is manufactured by Theos Medical Systems, the global leader in incontinence management. Indications: The Chummie Bedwetting Alarm Treatment System is widely used as an initial, first-line treatment for children ages 4 and older to cure primary nocturnal enuresis, commonly called bedwetting. Enuresis is defined as the repeated, involuntary voiding into the bed or clothing while asleep after a person has reached an age at which continence is expected and at which bladder control usually occurs. Directions: Fasten the alarm unit to the outside neckline or around arm. Attach the sensor to the outside of your child's undergarment. As urination begins, the sensor detects the first drop of urine and the alarm goes off to wake your child. By waking your child the moment urination starts, Chummie teaches your child’s brain a connection between the bladders full signal and waking. In weeks, your child begins to awake sooner.